If you are interested in what
100 Mile Fire-Rescue has to offer
and how YOU can
be part of the team please contact
Roger Hollander, Fire Chief @ 250-395-2152.




Dear Interested Applicant:

As Fire Chief of the District of 100 Mile House Fire-Rescue Department, I am commited to providing effective and efficient fire protection and rescue services for our area. This is mainly accomplished by the recruitment, training and retention of community members like yourself. Being a Paid On Call firefighter will bring you a sense of self-pride and satisfaction, raise self-esteem and give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment for a job well done. You will also be providing your community and fellow community members with a valuable service.

Joining our Department as a Paid On Call firefighter requires a serious commitment. Your decision to join us should not be made quickly and you should give careful consideration to the many factors associated with providing this service to your community.

This application package has been put together to give you an insight to the commitment and requirements needed to be a member of our department and assist you in making your decision. Once you understand what is involved in being a member of our department, you may find that you are able to make the commitment required to be a member of 100 Mile House Fire-Rescue.


Recruit Information Package

Paid On Call Firefighting

Paid On Call Firefighters participate in fire, rescue, and medical operations. Upon acceptance and regardless of prior training or experience, all new Paid On Call Firefighters will complete the required Recruit Training program, followed by a probationary period. During this training you will be taught all the necessary skills to safely and professionally deal with a variety of emergency situations. In addition to the Recruit Training, you must also attend regular weekly practices scheduled every Wednesday evening. The majority of all our training is completed at the Emergency Services Training Centre and is instructed by certified instructors.

Fire Operations Communications Centre

The Prince George Fire Operations Communications Centre (FOCC) provides centralized call answer and dispatch communications service throughout central British Columbia. The FOCC is a division of the Prince George Fire Rescue Service providing these services under contract for the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.

As of June 2008, the current area of responsibility, which includes the Fraser-Fort George and Cariboo Regional Districts, is approximately 132,000 square kilometers and with the expansion of the Kitimat-Stikine Regional District, the service area will grow to approximately 225,500 square kilometers. The FOCC provides call answer and dispatch service for 53 agencies and will be increasing its service area to include the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, an additional 20 departments, in the near future.

The FOCC is a full service dispatch centre, providing intial call answer, dispatch and ongoing communications with agencies throughout the incident. Among other responsibilities, the FOCC provides agency resourcing (contacting of additional resources, outside agencies, etc.) as required by the departments.

The FOCC is the vital link between the calling public and emergency service agencies.